Pre-IELTS is the IELTS course boarding, focus on background in tiế ng gi Britain and methods she i e ề IELTS.

The course is suitable for students flower c fishermen yeah i go to the desired pipes Certification Exam International English IELTS e To complete the certificate eu for School er ng e n the study, preparation of study or work in international companies or work quintal i nư foreign sellers.

Works e at admission :

Works e in primary-secondary c incubation, A2 + (European reference framework CEF) flower c equivalent to IELTS 3.0 – 4.0

They c e members have completed to Bootcamp course English.

Students will be enough reachable interview with Le Plateau professionals and do all checking for m e trau on deductible scientific mind.

Course objectives :

  • A massive IETS 4.0 – 5.0
  • Mastering the knowledge of English background (grammar, pronunciation ..)
  • Equip the power between her i e ề IELTS
  • Villa c ti operating methods high for each form of lullabies i in e ề IELTS
  • Build vocabulary, sample sentences in all e
  • Help students practice English in the environment using English 24/7 to form reflexes in communication

A ội faculty :

A team of enthusiastic lecturers with dynamic , creative and creative teaching .

Teaching faculty how wood m fishermen ời Vie t and fishermen ời native

(A amniotic assuming ng fishermen member ời cabine t e ều good nghiệ p ph specialized engineers sir m UK, e ã study or work every quintal i nư foreign sellers)

Environment and learning time :

Students study, living, sleeping within 1 month at the White Palace – Villa e ẹp Origin least Mang Den Kon Tum.